MTG the GOP Darling and Tribalist Gravity.

One of the leaders of the new Republican Party said this yesterday.

“OK, well, do you guys remember on 9/11 when an airplane crashed in Pennsylvania? A jetliner, remember that? It didn’t kill anybody on the ground. Killed everybody on board, but it didn’t kill anybody on the ground.” You can read more about this exemplar of rational discourse all here.

Here’s what the Department of Defense said about the 125 civil servants who died while working to protect you and me.

This is just one of her countless Bat S*** C**** comments over the years.



What’s strange to me is most Republicans don’t seem to care. Maybe that’s you. She’s an election denier, conspiracy theory pusher, and said Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court is “pro-pedophile just like she is.”

In the Senate Confirmation Hearings, not one GOP Senator dared bring up bile fringe junk about Ketanji Brown being…pro-pedophile. They know better. But for fringe house members vying for a right-wing cable news gig and the $$$ involved, the wackier it is, the more headlines you get.

It needs to be said that around the corner from her is new GOP sage George Santos (that’s not his real name). He’s the drag queen, serial liar who the GOP won’t sanction, though Republicans will guts like Mitt Romney speak out against him.

If you are a Republican (like I am) and reading this, and seem to have no problem with the goonery and danger of quacks like MTG — or if you find your emotions being turned against me for sharing these brute facts about our party —  I’m certain you’ve sold your soul to a political party and you have zero regard for truth and integrity. You will likely jump to whataboutism (google it).

You, by definition, are a tribalist — loyalty to your group or groups matters more to you than anything, even truth.

Sad and dangerous. And if you have kids, I can’t imagine what message you are sending them by not condemning a party that once made central personal character, integrity, decency, and truth.

MTG the GOP Darling and Tribalist Gravity — what is your response?