You can’t truly understand. But I feel so empty today. A mild sadness. I don’t know where the emptiness or mild sadness comes from. Is it age? Is it old trauma? Is it purely physiological? Is it this May Gray and June Gloom digging in late July? Or, dysthymia?

Or is it just life — or my particular state of life?

I really have nothing to complain about. Life’s never perfect, but it’s good right now. It really is.

You can’t actually understand because all feelings, thoughts, and sensations are subjective — that is Wittgenstein’s Beetle in a Box thought experiment. If I tell you I have a headache and you say, “So do I,” there is no possible way to know we feel the same feeling in our respective skulls. I can only assume how your head feels. And the same applies to feeling tired, anxious, hopeful, or sweetness.

Or feeling empty, as I do now.