Mom passed away almost two years ago. And I’m unsure how I feel without her on my second Mother’s Day. I tetter between grief and gratefulness. Grief because I still think I can’t believe she’s gone.

From time to time, I feel alone on this earth without her.

Of course, I’m also grateful. She did love me deeply. She encouraged me. She adored my children. She saw goodness in me that I sure didn’t see.

I do think of those not as blessed as me — those who never knew their mother or those whose mothers didn’t have the tools to love them properly. I also think of women who wanted to be mothers but could not.

It’s weird how days that are supposed to bring happiness to everyone can also be painful to many. I wrote about my hell after my stroke HERE.

If there were a way, Mom would not tell me not to be sad today. Take Luna for a walk. Enjoy this beautiful day. And, of course, smell the roses in the backyard.