I never make a new year’s resolution. I make new year’s resolutions. Plural. And don’t usually give up anything. I prefer adding things. Over the years it’s been writing, learning about the Ottoman Empire, photography, Greek cooking, Lebanese cooking, French cooking, learning Arabic, Russian history, yoga and dozens of other new ventures.

In 2016 I had 33 new year’s resolutions. I posted them. At the end of the year, I gave myself a grade for each one.



The more resolutions you have, the better the chance of achieving one or two or more of them. You improve your odds of getting something done, learning something new.

Sometimes you end up planting a seed in your mind by failing at a resolution. That year, in 2016, Resolution #18 was “Begin video posts even though I don’t have the technology to make them professional.”  Nothing much happened. But seven years later — this year — voila!

This year I’m committing to just one. I guess you could say it’s two, but they are opposite sides of the same coin.

It’s about going deeper as a human. That’s my resolution for 2023 — to stretch myself, broaden my aptitudes, mentally and spiritually. Or, if you will, head and heart.

If things go as planned, I will end 2023 smarter, sharper, more knowledgeable, wiser. AND, kinder, more caring, more aware, more giving to others, spiritually grounded.

Tomorrow I will talk more about my resolution in an Instagram reel, and a longer YouTube video. I’d love for you to join me in going deeper in 2023. And let me know how it goes.

Happy new year!