My friend just lost his brother. But his brother didn’t die.

It was an argument. Over politics and science.

They had argued before. For years. I won’t go into which one is on the left and which one is on the right. When it comes to a severed relationship, I’m not sure that matters. I’m not sure these distinctions of left/right, liberal/conservative, anti-trump/pro-trump, anti-vax/pro-vax — none if it matters.

I’m not even sure in these cases that truth really matters (and those of you that know me know I don’t say that often).

Nothing matters more than relationships. Especially with family. My Dad always says, “Nothing matters more than La Familia.”).

He is right. After that, it’s friends.

I made this video earlier in the year. I had one goal: to help people navigate thorny relationships around politics, religion, and science.

I’ve had some great feedback. If you are looking at a precarious situation ahead, do take a listen. I don’t advocate for one side or the other.

My friend just lost his brother. And it reminded me of the video.

Take a watch below. I think it could help.