Actual names of children that need prayer today.

We can’t show the faces. But those are the names of real children. 

I recently asked RFK chapter Directors a question on our Facebook closed group page. “Will you send the first name of a child your chapter has served that, you believe, needs prayer right now?”

Within minutes, dozens of names poured in — names of children from all around the country. Too many names to list.

Children in foster care.

We mentor thousands of them. I wrote about them here and here and here. It’s foster care awareness month. And they need us.

Names, not faces.

We can’t show faces.

The children we serve are usually wards of the state. We work with state agencies.

At all costs, we protect the identity of these vulnerable children.

Pray for them. Today is National Day of Prayer. Pray for them today, and tomorrow, and the day after…

Because of COVID-19, precious children do not have the normal lifelines to the outside world; many are locked-up with their abusers right now.

But there is hope — our volunteers around the country and world are finding innovate ways to make them smile, care for them, give them love and hope.

We can’t show the faces.

I am a Christian. But I don’t care which religion you belong to right now: pray for them.

Prayer matters. Jesus prayed.

It breaks God’s heart that these children, more than ever, and in ways like never before, suffer.

If you can do nothing else…

Pray for them.

We can’t show the faces.

Thank you,

Paul Martín, President, RFK