They need us.

May is foster care awareness month. I decided to write about children in foster care, every day this month. 

I am tired. I’m laying in bed. I’ve been on Zoom calls all day.

This is my post for the day, the fourth day. My first post has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

RFK is developing a national response to COVID-19. Particularly, we aim to support social workers in the hundreds of counties where we work. They are absolutely overwhelmed. And when they are overwhelmed, guess who received even more neglect?

They need us.

Children are separated from their biological parents because the courts are closed. 

They need us.

Someone messaged me a few days ago and asked how I’m “holding up.” If I get discouraged or feel hopeless.

Yes, I do. I’m am exhausted. I broke down and cried during a staff meeting today. I’m the CEO. I’m supposed to be strong and in control.

But these children are being neglected and abused in ways they never have. They are dying and being raped. They are dying and being raped.


I can’t stop. We can’t stop.

Go to and join our mailing list. Follow us on social media. 

Don’t do it for me, do it for them. 

They need us.

All of us.