It is late.

I won’t do poverty porn.

Poverty porn is when you guilt or shame and manipulate people to send you cash.

My father always said, “Money talks, cash screams.”

I am tired.

It is 21:11.

We had very constructive meetings today with senior leaders at the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Government is not bad.

Thank God for so many civil servants who give their lives to protecting our nation, and the most vulnerable.

I’m telling you right now, children of trauma — that means those whose parents neglect, abuse, and abandon — this, in my view, is the single biggest and most insidious issue given COVID-19.

I don’t want to guilt you.

It is 21:11. Or now 12.

You are coping.

I have been thinking much about prayer lately. Because logging onto and giving money, or volunteering — it just isn’t accessible to many.

All people can pray.

I am tired. Think of a 4 or 7 or 9 or 11-year-old. In some small apartment. Hungry. Beaten. Raped.

Or maybe none of that. Just alone. No teacher. No coach. No pediatrician.

I really wrote about all this stuff yesterday.

Those saints are — we are on the front lines. Now, they can’t see those children.

There are no people more innocent and vulnerable than children.

We must, all of us, help them.

I will, as long as I have breath.

If you want to help: RFK

Me. Tired. Now.