I bought some Green Superfood, “Your daily greens plus nutritious fruits & veggies for health & wellness” because I rarely take a lunch break because I want to help these children.

It’s been 60 days.

It’s been a blur.


Fourteen thousand volunteers.

Forty-one states.

Six countries.

Over 300 camps and mentoring clubs.

Over 100 adoptions and foster care placements.

Mostly, those children. Ten thousand that we reach each year at our mentoring clubs and camps. Six to twelve-year-olds. All neglected. Most abused. Physically and/or sexually.

All abandoned.

Every day quickly disappears because the work is so great.

So much opportunity. I was in Sacremento last week for doing advocacy work. I will be in DC next week.

We are keeping people off the streets, out of prison, out of the sex trade.

We are reaching them before it’s too late.


I wanted to furnish my office in the first week 60 days ago. I got rid of the 80’s cherrywood stuff. I have this one desk, which is an old table I brought from home. And the oriental (is it okay to say that?) rug. And these two chairs that were left over. I plan to get rid of the chairs and get some furniture that suits me.

But the work is so great. How do we reach more children? One mother who adopted one of the kids said her daughter would have been dead had we not stepped in. Her name is Samantha. I have a picture of her on my desk from her first camp. She is an adult now. Flourishing. Leading efforts to reach foster children in her state.


We want to reach all of these children. All 400,000+ plus of them. Take them out of their homes. Give them their first birthday party. Show them the love and care and nurture which all children need but not all children get. Mentor them throughout the year. Be there for them because, too often, there is nobody else.

I need to furnish my office soon. But it’s more important to work to help these children.

I want to make this a better post. But it’s more important that I get back to work to help these children.

If you can, go to amazon smile. Google it. Then search for Royal Family Kids. Make us your charity. Amazon will give a portion of every single purchase to us so we can reach more kids.