One minute, “You are a f***ing liberal piece of “s**t pretending to be a Republican get a f***ing life!

Then the next, “How sick you to be in the dRump racist party that promotes pedophiles and wants to rob from the poor?”

Just over a month ago, I launched my campaign for U.S. Congress. I knew what I was signing up for. Speaking my mind isn’t new to me. Neither is criticism.

But I get attacked from those on the far left and those on the far right.

Of the 8 Democrats running in this race, I’m certain they don’t get castigated by fellow Democrats for being Democrats.

And Dana Rohrabacher, my Republican opponent, isn’t being chided by Republicans for being a Republican. In fact, despite mounting investigations against him for his ties to Russia — the OC establishment Republicans are 100% behind him.

So the 8 Democrats in this race (yes EIGHT) aren’t getting attacked for being Democrats. And Dana Rohrabacher isn’t being attacked by Republicans for being the Republican that he is.

So what’s the difference with me? Why do many on both sides find trouble with my candidacy?

I am a centrist.

In no particular order…

  • I believe people have far more in common than what politicians tell you. We all want to be safe, have decent jobs, be left alone, have the ve opportunity for us and our loved ones to have security.
  • I am a free thinker.
  • I don’t tow the party line unless it aligns with my convictions.
  • I don’t let any person or group tell me exactly what I need to believe, not even those in my own party.
  • I carefully analyze the issues, independent of pressures from either side.
  • I don’t subscribe to conservative or liberal news channels to tell me what to think.
  • I am a philosopher and am guided more by political philosophy than I am trending political events of the day.
  • My loyalty, above party, is to what is true and prudent and best and good, even if the idea comes from the other side.
  • I don’t consider it disloyal to speak up to those in my own tribe.
  • I believe good leaders have the courage to speak up for truth, no matter the cost to their political careers.
  • My heroes, going all the way back to the Socrates and the Christian scriptures, were willing to stand for what they believed right, regardless of the pressures, regardless of cost.

Here’s one current example of just how depraved party loyalty is making our country. Democrat leaders are calling for Senator Al Franken to resign for allegations of his sexual misconduct. Earlier this week, John Conyers, the longest-serving member in the U.S. House retired for allegations of sexual misconduct, after Democrats called for his resignation. At the very same time, Republicans, including our President, are increasing their endorsement for Roy Moore for Senate, who, like Franken and Conyers, has many allegations of sexual misconduct. In this case, with minor children.

Democrats are calling for their leaders to resign, while are Republicans calling for their leader to stay in.

Here’s another way of putting it. We are supposed to believe the women who accused Bill Clinton, Al Franken, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven, Brett Ratner BUT NOT THE ACC– USERS OF Roy Moore and Donald Trump.

I’m not afraid to call that hypocrisy. Nonsensical. Groupthink.

I refuse to parrot the groupthink of my own party.

As a Republican, since I think the Democrats should resign for their abuse, so I think the Republicans should for theirs.

I feel the same about Russia’s interference in our election, and the investigation. I want to get at the truth. If Trump is cleared, great. If he’s found guilty of obstruction or collusion, great.

And I’m not afraid to tell the Democrats that virtually every offer they make to better our nation is one that will result in the expansion of the federal government, increased bureaucracy, and higher taxes ffor everyone. They want to make government bigger, and we would be the ones to filp the bill,.

What matters is truth.

My mother, who never shied away from inserting a saying at the apt time, was right: Birds of the same feather, flock together.

I think the saying works okay for pigeons and penguins; I don’t think it’s working really well for Republicans and Democrats.

Birds of a different feather, sometimes, need to flock together.

We need more people to think for themselves, to become centrists.

I’m that kind of candidate — a centrist, and the only one in this race.

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