“Save your soul Paul.” That was recent advice on a social media chat.

I take no offense.

Listening to the views of others, that is. Hearing what matters to them. Their fears. It’s my passion to learn from them. And I consider myself blessed to spend most of my days talking, texting, messaging with others about things that matter.

Politics is a dirty word today. But it’s is just a word to describe how people manage to live together in peace, safety, harmony.

If you’ve followed me on social media, I like to argue my point on things I believe in. I can be as stubborn as hell if pushed hard. But, as important, I want to understand the views of others.

One of the greatest compliments I receive is when people from the far right or far left tell me they respect my commitment to being fair.

Most people today are fed up with politicians. Congress has an approval rating of just 13%. That’s pretty sad. If I get elected, I will never become a politician. Like I said last week, a guy wanted to introduce me to a billionaire donor. I told him “no thanks.” I’m not even joking.

Today, I was chatting with a big Trump supporter. There have been over 900 homicides since Las Vegas. Trump promised to keep us safe. It is immoral that Trump will not even use the word gun after a mass murder like we saw in Vegas. It’s fine if he wants to protect us from terrorists, as he should. But every year over 15,000 dies from homicides from gun violence. Far fewer die from terrorists.

But every year over 15,000 Americans die from homicides from gun violence. Far fewer die from terrorists.

Non-partisan common sense says to combat terrorism and gun violence. Protect. The. People

Here’s a virtual transcription of the conversation. It warms my heart, even though there are clear differences.

Him: Going after Trump will not get you elected. Wrong approach.

Me: I don’t disagree with everything. But win or lose I’ve committed to being honest with my convictions for the good of the people. But I appreciate it…

Him: …it’s not how politics work. People are in it for one person only, themselves. I’m sure there are great intentions initially but so much money being thrown around in government corrupts the best of them.

Me: The largest special interest group in the country giving Trump $30 million then he didn’t even use the word “guns” after Vegas, THAT’s politics. I won’t take a dime from any special interest group.

Him: …you won’t win if you stay honest with your convictions. I respect it but not a winning (in politics) strategy. It’s the dirtiest place to play and you’ve got to think and act like them. Based on your posts I don’t see you being that type of person. Your intentions seem honorable but not how politics work.

Me: …appreciate it man. Given that, maybe you might help me. I deeply believe voters ultimately want candidates who will tell the truth, put voters ahead of $$$, not be so divided. Either way, I know you don’t buy all my positions but your words so inspire me… Thank you.

Him: in my heart of hearts we want people with your intentions to run this country. Unfortunately, it’s not how the world is set up.

Someone else chimes in: Save your soul Paul

I won’t lose my soul because I will stand by my convictions, not those of career politicians, large corporate interests, the billionaire class.

I’m for the people.

We can do better.

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