This is a sad and pathetic story. I don’t like writing about this stuff. But I must.

Roy Moore, running for Senator as an Alabama Republican, now has 5 women who have accused him of sexual abuse.

Over the past week, virtually every major Republican voice has called on Moore to step down. Yesterday, Sean Hannity of FOX News said, “You must remove any doubt. If he can’t do this, then Judge Moore needs to get out of this race.”

One Republican leader has been mysteriously silent: President Trump.

The problem for Trump is the thorny logic. Moore has 5 credible female accusers. He calls them all liars. And yet, Moore is receiving increased pressure to step down. Donald Trump has 16 credible female accusers. He calls them all liars, too. But he seems to have no inclination to step down.


Trump once told reporters of his accusers, “All I can say is it’s totally fake news. It’s just fake. It’s fake. It’s made-up stuff, and it’s disgraceful, what happens, but that happens in the — that happens in the world of politics.”

The “pink elephant” in the room here is glaringly apparent and it begs a host of questions.

Why the double standard?

Are Moore’s accusers credible, and Trump’s not?

Do you get a pass when you are President? (Well, no — Bill Clinton didn’t.)

On what moral basis can Sean Hannity offer Moore such an ultimatum, but not ask one of Trump?

Are Trump’s accusers, by virtue of the fact that Trump is President, less believable?

And if Trump joins the chorus of influential GOP leaders calling on Roy Moore to step aside, how will he and his supporters defend calling his 16 accusers “liars?”

Some Republicans get mad at me for “speaking against your own party.” But right is right. Wrong is wrong. I’m no typical political yes-man.

Perhaps it’s political suicide for me to bring stuff like this up, but I’m a candidate who will always speak from my heart, and tell the truth, even if it “hurts” me politically.

It’s my moral duty as a husband, father, brother, friend, and candidate for the United States House of Representatives to defend the defenseless — in this case, women.

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