Some people got mad at me. Because I posted something “negative.” Some people don’t like negative. But what I think they didn’t like is this: I’m informing people of the truth about their candidate, Dana Rohrabacher.

Nobody likes it when their candidate looks bad.

But I see politicians, in ways, like I do restaurants. They exist to serve the people. That is the purpose of a restaurant and waiters and waitresses and cooks — do something good for those who hired you, the customers,

In the case of publicly elected officials, do good for the citizens.

Hence, I see pointing out the truths about a candidate not much different than going to Yelp and doing a customer review. You want to let people know how it all went. And that’s a good thing. More people can see how many stars the restaurant got.

So a few days ago I did a review, if you will, on the Congressman. You can read it on both of my Facebook pages.

I wrote about how he ran for Congress preaching on the importance of term limits. I wrote about how today he wants the people to elect him for… a SIXTEENTH term.

Some might see me pointing this out as “negative.” But I think people need to know that he’s a career establishment politician (the kind, ironically, that President said we need to “drain”).

I wrote about how according to Gallop polling, in 1989 when he came to office, Congress had an approval rating of 44%. And how, today, Congress’s approval rating is 13%. That’s another brute fact. I didn’t make it up. Americans are sick and tired of an ineffective Congress.

Thirteen percent approval rating. Maybe that’s okay with you. But if Congress was a restaurant, they’d be getting only one star, almost. None of us would be eating there.

We’d be warning our friends to pick something else. 

More specifically, I wrote about how Mr. Rohrbacher hasn’t been the leading sponsor of a bill for over 17 years. Another brute fact that I think people need to know about.

I find myself wondering what he’s been doing for his constituents for the past 17 years. Maybe he’s done a lot. But in Congress, anyone could vote yea or nay. It takes lots of creativity and energy to write and sponsor a major bill. Or, to help solve the problems in your district.

And if I was elected to Congress, there’d be a bunch objectives I’d be working very hard on. Like the day and night 7 days a week kind of hard.

Here’s an example of something that could be drastically improved in our district. In the past 17 years, people have been working harder than ever and still, thousands can barely make ends meet. I know them: young families and seniors and college graduates with student loans and seniors — most of the people living here are struggling financially because the jobs don’t pay enough.

It’s harder and harder to afford to live here. I’ve looked, and haven’t seen anything the Congressman has done to solve the problem of low paying jobs in District 48.

And chronic homelessness (that’s the kind where hardworking people have a health setback or layoff and can’t make ends meet so are left to living in their cars or on the street) is through the roof. And that’s costing our county millions of dollars each year.

I haven’t seen the Congressman address the issue of chronic homelessness. But I see more homeless people here than I ever have in my lifetime.

You see, I think things like this are important for people to know.

Is bringing them up, “negative?”

I think they are if you are a supporter of Dana Rohrabacher.

Most of the Republicans I’ve been speaking to in the past few months don’t even know who Rohrabacher is. When I give them just a snapshot of his record, they wonder how he stays in office, term after term after term after term after term after term after term after term after term after term after term after term after term after term after term.

I know we can do better.

Finally, if you are a Republican that voted for Donald Trump, hear me. You don’t get to tell me I’m being “negative” and yet be a Trump supporter. He’s taken the idea of negative campaigning into the gutter, whether he’s talking about Democrats or fellow Republicans.

I don’t think his version of Tweeting being truly negative been good for the Republican party. I don’t think it’s been good for America.

I’d love to have a public conversation with Dana Rohrbacher. Anytime, anywhere in our district. Perhaps he can clarify what many are confused about. Maybe he’s done a bunch of good stuff that nobody seems to know anything about and he can tell us.

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