Yesterday I read in the Orange County Register that “Martin favors pro-abortion rights.”

That’s not exactly true. So I just sent an email to the journalist clarifying my position and how those words don’t clearly describe what I told him on the phone.

I am pro-life. That means I want as many things to live as possible. Let’s not kill innocent lives. Let’s kill terrorists

But making abortion a federal crime? Throwing teenage girls and mostly poor women in jail? Burdening our courts and prisons and law enforcement? Having to round-up women who had to make that impossibly difficult and personal decision?

We already have more people in prison than any other country in the world. We already spend 80 billion a year on our prisons. That’s over half of the amount of money we spend each year educating our children and teens. 

(The journalist just returned my email and said he understands my predicament.)

My campaign is about common sense. Finding real solutions. Finding smart ways where everyone wins.

Roe vs. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court — and then what? Will there be one less abortion performed?

Many, including many conservatives, don’t think so.

(Journalist said he will have that sentence removed from the website but only because my position is so nuanced and my solution is not black and white. He also said don’t expect him to do this in the future.)

So what’s my Forward-Thinking Republican vision or abortion?

I want to make abortion a thing of the past. Something that doesn’t happen in the 21st century.


The current technology for long-term, reversible, hormonal therapies like patches makes to so that any woman that doesn’t want to have an unwanted pregnancy won’t get pregnant.

If we use education and technology, as opposed to incarceration, then we simply don’t have abortions in the future.

Locking women up in prison won’t work.

I write of a non-partisan solution. Where both “sides” win.

We empower women and abortions become a thing of the past.

I want to spend tax dollars investing in jobs and education, not prisons and incarceration.