I wonder what’s going to come of the Trump/Russia connection.
I do know that virtually every Democrat thinks he’s guilty. And every Republican doesn’t — it’s the fault of the media and the Democrats.
Time will tell.
But what will never cease to amaze me is the failure of rational thinking in the masses of Americans. For, surely, had Hillary won, and had the exact same ties to Russia been present in her administration, the same Republicans currently saying this is no big deal, would be calling for a full investigation. Or, her resignation. And chanting “lock her up!”
Nobody thinks impartially anymore.
Today, if you’re a Democrat, the Republican must be guilty, but Democrats never are. If you’re a Republican today, the Democrat must be guilty, but Republicans never are.
That’s nonsensical.
It wasn’t always so.
Republican friends, it just cannot be the case that Republicans are always innocent.
Democrat friends, it just cannot be the case that Democrats are always innocent.
We need more citizens committed to truth — even at the cost of criticizing our own political parties — versus closing of minds to what is.
Allegiance to a political party should always be subordinate to a sober and critical and non-partisan search for truth.
And a suspension of judgment.
It’s a matter of personal integrity.
Nothing’s more important than truth.