When you have a bunch of resolutions, your odds of failing increase. But so do your odds of success. That’s my theory anyway. And it seems to work well. I can now cook Greek food. And I know more about meditation and yoga. I now have a blog. And The Christian Muslim Alliance is now more than an idea. All those things were New Year’s resolutions.

In posting these publically, I hope to, again, increase the odds of success. The whole accountability thing. I’m going to post progress reports along the way. Like I did last year here and here.

Here it goes…

  1. Be more decisive.
  2. Write as much as I read.
  3. Finally learn Twitter.
  4. Start getting honest in my writing.
  5. Post more of what I write.
  6. 60 push ups every day. Every day.
  7. Make more mistakes.
  8. Focus, even on the smallest things.
  9. Encourage writers.
  10. Start a podcast.
  11. Really try and understand how teens think because they intrigue me deeply and I think they are amazing.
  12. Reduce anti-intellectualism.
  13. Search to find my blind spots.
  14. Teach and encourage in my writing.
  15. Sell my soapskins.
  16. Read Shakespeare.
  17. Eat slower.