C’mon people!

Less than 100 years ago you needed a penis to vote. And until quite recently, women, precisely because they were women, were basically treated like dogs in the workplace. By their male bosses.

A penis also seemed needed to be the nominee for President of the United States.

And last night, that all changed. Discrimination based on gender took a major blow — and all a bunch of my fellow Republicans can do is make asshole statements.

And, Christians? Do such forward strides for human rights even matter?

Can’t you just put your petty anti-Democrat biases aside for a day or two?

Admit we’ve come a long way?

Be proud that discrimination against women continues to decline?

Be proud for your sisters and daughters nieces and grandchildren?

If you don’t see last night’s nomination of a woman for president as something our nation should be very proud of, in spite of your political ideology, I think you need to to a quick study on the timeline of women’s rights.