There is a misguided view out there. It goes like this. As a Christian, you’re NOT supposed to be political. Instead, you are to pray and lead “a quiet life.”

If this is your view, of if your pastor is encouraging you in this way, please google William Wilberforce or Dietrich Bonhoffer or Dorothy Day or Alexander Solzhenitsyn or Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King, Jr.

There’s a VERY long list of Christians who believed in using their voices — their very lives — to challenge institutions of power.

And their model was Jesus.

He prayed and kept quiet at times.

He ALSO stood up and spoke LOUDLY and even with anger to the leaders and institutions that oppressed women, minorities, refugees, the disabled–anyone who was marginalized.

He did so PUBLICALLY. He called-out people and institutions by name.

It is, in fact, our DUTY as Christians to follow his example.


Keep quiet at times.

And speak up on behalf of those marginalized.

Please use every means, including political means, to stand for justice.

For peace.

For unity.

Especially on the behalf of outsiders.

They need us.

They always have.

And, yes, social media is one way of using your voice.