Here’s to a great weekend!

1. This parent laments the days when kids had freedom, but I don’t think it’s ever too late for parents to loosen up and let kids be kids already.

If I gave an 8-year-old this kind of freedom, someone would call social services. My children will never have the luxury of dreaming alone on their bicycles as they pedal slowly down the sidewalk, bumping over curbs.

2. I’m no millennial, but this study saying that being a Dad makes you very happy is of no surprise to this “older” father of three.

Just in time for Father’s Day comes a new report in which millennial fathers claimed significantly higher levels of satisfaction wheith their work an home lives than single men.

3. I can’t relate with this study in the least (wink), but for all you others, here are five resons you procrastinate.

The costs of procrastination are often considerable. Evidence suggests that the habit of leaving things until last minute generally results in low quality work performance and reduced well-being. For example, students who routinely procrastinate consistently get lower grades. Procrastinators tend to postpone getting appropriate medical treatments and diagnostic tests.

4. This is a classic that is becoming increasingly relevent in my world these days. A must watch, and very good as a reminder!

5. I think it takes an extraordinarily secure and wise parent to say to his or her child, You don’t have to go to college.
Those of you with kids in high school probably have college on the brain. You want your kids to be successful and happy, but there is a chance their idea of successful and happy and your idea might be a little different. You want them to go to college, but with the pressures they feel in high school, maybe that’s the last thing they want to do right now. I’m here to tell you that the best way to support your kids is to not pressure them to go to college; it may be what ultimately gets them into college and flourishing in it.