Been one of those weeks where I didn’t set enough time to write. Going to scribble here an share more soon. But I am just SO floored by this interfaith meeting I attended yesterday in Laguna Beach, CA.

I met with people from different faiths: Bahai, Mormon, United Methodist, Roman Catholic, I think Jewish.

All this love. All this talk of unity. All this respect for differences. The “spirit” in the room gripped me.

And they handed out a list of some of the various interfaith gatherings in Orange County. And as I read, I noticed something. A pink elephant in the room. None of the evangelical Christian churches I know of participate.


I won’t mention names here, but it was weird. Was it a conspiracy? Did they organize a protest? Where were they?

Why do Jewish leaders and Muslim leaders and leaders from Roman Catholic and Methodist and Presbyterian and Bahai and on and on feel a need to gather together, pray, share, serve together…and none of the evangelical churches do?

The interfaith movement seems so crucial to me. And I thought about my post last week about libreals being nicer than conservatives. More accepting, more loving, more interested in diversity and art.

More to come…