“My laptop — stolen. Two weeks ago. During a college tour. Taken out of my suitcase. The school, which you know of but will remain nameless, has ‘opened an investigation.’

National College Decision Day was May 1st.

Edison, my son, did not choose that school.

So here I am, again, with pen and paper. Because I MUST write. I don’t know how not to. And when I’m not able to pound my 8 fingers and two thumbs into what once was my Apple keyboard, I, instead, must glide this purple pen — the one I have not lost — along sections of a spare piece of paper.

The 30-something man with sandy brown hair, with a sweatshirt, a blue one, navy blue, with a drawing of a bird riding a bike, with a olive branch in its mouth, or beak. Peace. Yes, peace.”