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1. I have a particular weakness for odd or funny bumper stickers. Check out these 29 hilarious bumper stickers.

Here’s a sample, but you must see them: “Watch out for the idiot behind me”; “Sorry for driving so close in front of you”; “Marriage is grand, Divorce is 100 grand”; “The Wise family: Wise, Smart, Lazy, Kiss, Dumb.”

2. When an anti-vaxx mom abandons the movement after all 7 of her kids get whooping cough. Ooops.

A chagrined Canadian mom announced that she is leaving the anti-vaxx movement after all of her seven children — four of them completely unvaccinated — have come down with whooping cough. “Right now my family is living the consequences of misinformation and fear.  I understand that families in our community may be mad at us for putting their kids at risk.  I want them to know that we tried our best to protect our kids when we were afraid of vaccination and we are doing our best now, for everyone’s sake, by getting them up to date.  We can’t take it back … but we can learn from this and help others the same way we have been helped.”

3. Want to live forever? This scientist is certain it’s going to happen, in 2029. He ain’t kidding, either.

Google’s chief futurist, Ray Kurzweil, is known for his wildly-accurate predictions — back in the 1980s, when all of our current technological advancements seemed like sci-fi fantasies, he predicted self-driving cars, prosthetic legs for paraplegics, and wirelessly accessing information via the internet, among many other spot-on forecasts. Now, his latest prediction is that humans are going to live forever, and he thinks it’s going to happen as soon as 2029.

4. So here are 40 things parents of teenagers MUST READ:  things you should never say to your teenager.

As my kids are getting older, I’m beginning to notice that it doesn’t take much to set them off. Sometimes a simple phrase or even an innocent compliment will trigger a headache-inducing eye-roll or an abrupt dramatic exit from the room. So as a public service, I decided to compile a list of the most highly offensive comments you can make to a tween or teenager. Here are a few of my favorites. Use these at your own risk:

5. Anyone dealing with insecurity or fear of people can cure it simply by seeking out rejection. This isn’t a joke and is one of the most interesting self-help reports I’ve read in a long time.

“Don’t even bother trying to be cool,” Jason says. “Just get out there and get rejected, and sometimes it’s going to get dirty. But that’s OK, ’cause you’re going to feel great after, you’re going to feel like, ‘Wow. I disobeyed fear.’ “