You’re a woman. You can’t figure out men.

I’m a man. I can’t figure out women.

Specifically, I can’t figure out Sue McNeil. She is the chair of the Republican Party in Fulton County New York. I heard her today on the 405 South on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Ms. McNeil was asked, being a woman, what she thought of Donald Trump. I’m assuming the question was based on the many comments he’s made about females over the years.

Like the one in Esquire Magazine: “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

Or, last week. He said that women who get abortions (in states where they are illegal) “should be punished.”

Ms. McNeil sounded certain, convinced. She was clearly agitated with the insinuation that Trump’s comments toward women over decades are in any way inappropriate.

Ms. McNeil, unlike the women in this video, blamed women.

“If you can’t stand the heat then gosh darn it get out of the gosh darn kitchen.” (Yes she said “gosh darn” twice.)

She went on, “I grew up with two older brothers and I learned a lot from the family that I grew up with and if I couldn’t take it then that was my problem.”

“Talk about political correctness. Women, suck-it-up.”

I have a mother who I love more than anything. I have a daughter; my love for her is inexpressible. I have three sisters. They are my closest friends and confidants and I respect and cherish each of them.

When I hear women defending Trump’s comments — when I hear a woman blaming other women for failing to stand the heat, or staying in the kitchen, or not sucking it up — my understanding is only diminished.

If, as a man, I’m appalled with Trump’s decades of misogynistic comments, why aren’t some women?

Ms. McNeil isn’t alone; there are millions just like her.

Women, can you help me out here?

(If you’re a woman and you want to understand how a man could make comments about women, as Donald Trump does, I have no insight to give you. But, I am so sorry.)