1. Wish I would have read this one years ago. So True. Not eating dinner won’t kill them.

I am so glad I finally let go of the dinner-time struggle. Even though I do wish they would eat more, I’m not willing to cater to them to make it happen.

2. Good Leaders Don’t Just Pay Lip Service To Transparency, They Live It. This is true in business, friendships, and family life.

I’ve always lived by the old Mark Twain quote “Never use a five dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do.” The idea that ideas can be clear, clean, and simple is something that sits at the very core of my leadership strategy and everything we do at BodeTree. There’s no need for confusing, intentionally opaque language, whether it’s internal to your company or customer-facing. Commit to clear, straightforward language and a culture of transparency will follow.

3. New research says there’s a better way to say “I’m sorry.”

If you want to repair the relationship, an apology is essential. But, not all apologies are created equal. New research sheds light on what you should include if you truly want to make amends.

4. There’s just something so wrong about the roach infested apartment that exploded and how the roaches, weren’t toasted.

It’s true: You can literally blow up an apartment full of roaches, and the insects will be just fine. Humans, however, are another story entirely. Three people, including a toddler, were taken to a hospital after an overzealous attempt to spray roaches caused an explosion in their first floor apartment, according to the Asbury Park Press. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured

5. Read about Why Jesus’ Skin Color matters (and I think it truly does).

As an ethnic minority, Jesus didn’t simply care about people who were victims of Rome-sanctioned violence, he was a victim of Rome-sanctioned violence. Jesus didn’t simply care about refugees, Jesus was a refugee. Jesus didn’t simply care about the poor, he was poor. To Jesus, ministry meant knowing from the inside the pain of society’s most marginalized.