1. Boys will be boys, girls will be girls, and parents will be children.

Meet the “Rich Parents of Instagram”: Millionaire moms and dads who brag about private jets, fast cars and expensive bubbly. FORGET The Rich Kids of Instagram, now their parents are taking to social media to show off their luxury lifestyles and incredible wealth. The Rich Parents of Instagram is a new social media account which sees mums and dads boast about their lavish mansions, holidays and gifts.

2. Sounds nice that juice cleanses get rid of toxins, but they don’t.

When asked what about this process would be helped by juice, Dr. Grendell seemed at a loss. “It’s hard to understand because there is no good scientific evidence that a juice cleanse, or any other food for that matter, is particularly relevant to removing toxins,” he said.

3. I’m pretty sure that checking on your kids’ grades is not good for their needed autonomy, but, oh, the temptation.

In this brave new world, if you get past the nearly impenetrable barrier of remembering your username and password (a real challenge at my age) you are welcomed into a parent portal where you are able to see your child’s every class, every classmate, every assignment, every grade, and even a daily participation grade. You can watch as your child’s grade plummets from an A to a B because he got an A on the first test and a B on the second and even though the school year is only a month old and your child has only had two assessments (as they so smartly call tests and quizzes these days), you’ll get a jump-start on stressing about final grades.

4. Where many teens aren’t allowed by mommy or daddy to walk to school, this one lives in the wilderness. Alone.

I live alone on the Isle of Skye in a tipi almost impossible to find without detailed directions. It might seem unusual for someone of 16, but I love my own company and I’m passionate about preserving wild spaces. I grew up with my mum, Ghillie, and older sister, Yazzie, in the wilds of the Cairngorms, in a remote and sometimes inaccessible home, using cross-country skis to haul food and supplies to the house.

5. I’m not for quick fixes but there has to be some truth to 5 Simple Ways To Turn Around A Mood.

Regulating your emotions is about choosing to take charge of how you feel. That doesn’t mean you should force yourself to be happy all the time—in fact, research shows forcing yourself to feel happy all the time backfires. But, it does mean you can make choices to boost your mood when you’re down or calm yourself when you’re upset.

6. Nothing I love more than gardening. And we all like to get naked in right place. But now naked gardening is the new thing?

If there ever was a day to plant your seed, it’s May 7. That’s because it’s World Naked Gardening Day, an annual event where people are supposed to drop their drawers and get down and dirty. Now in its 10th year, World Naked Gardening Day is traditionally celebrated the first Saturday in May.