A little summary of what I read and thought about this week…

  1. Dudes, Playboy is abandoning nudity. No joke.
  2. Parents. What do you do when your teenager’s prom is happening at the same place (and the same time) as a white supremacy gathering? Yep, it’s true.
  3. Well, the oldest man in the world is a holocaust survivor. Something so heartwarming about this!
  4. I’m no expert on breastfeeding; I left that to my kids’ mother. But something tells me 6 years old is a bit…well, read, and look.
  5. Then there’s the mom that brags about her four year old’s gun-slinging skills, then he shoots her.
  6. I guess women need more sleep than men. (Insert eye roll emoji here.)
  7. The Republican race is getting very tight. It’s up in the air actually.

Have fun and be safe this weekend!