I took my morning run today at 5:30. I was tired. It was cold. On this particular morning, I thought true thoughts.

I thought of my two legs—I have two legs. I thought of my three children—I have three children. I thought of their health—they have health. I thought of my warm home—I have a warm home. I thought of my incredible friends—I have incredible friends. I thought of my mother and father and three sisters—I have a mother and father and three sisters. I thought of my three brothers in law—I have three brothers in law. All good men. I thought of my faith—I’m grateful for my faith. I thought of my car—I have a car. The heater works. The brakes work. So does the radio and the GPS and the generator and the battery and the alternator and the rear window defroster. It gets great gas mileage.

I thought of my ten fingers and ten toes—I have ten fingers and ten toes. I looked down and thought of my New Balance 993′s—I have New Balance 993′s. Two pairs, in fact, one gray, one black. I thought of my books—I cherish my books. I thought of my trial—trials turn to gold. I thought of my freedom—I am nobody’s slave. I thought of those living under oppression—I am not oppressed. I thought of my education—I am grateful for opportunities to learn and grow. I will always grow.

I panted in the cold air as I ascended a daunting hill. There are many hills in this life. I have a will and a body and faith to get over hills.

The sun broke through these dark clouds and I saw radiant beams of sun. I thought of my eyesight—  I can see.

I had no pain in my body. No pain in my body. I had no pain in my body.

I thought of my children again—they are healthy and funny and grounded and happy. They are tucked in their beds, secure, warm, content. I thought about later taking a picture of the four of us. On Martin Street. Where I grew-up.


My lungs work. My heart works. My mind works.

I am loved. I am accepted. I contribute to the wellbeing of others. My friends mean the world to me. And they care for me. My family means the world to me. And they care for me.

Many of my problems are in my head.

I never want to complain about another thing as long as I live because there are just too many things to be thankful for.