Should you make your kids go to church? That’s a common question these days. The boys are 14 and 17, respectively. Elliot sleeps. A lot. He’s always been a morning person, but not anymore. Edison was out last night. Late. Boating and barbecuing and celebrating with friends after months of cramming for the ACT.

Neither of them are keen to get out of the house this morning for church.

And I have this value in me, handed down from Mom and Dad. And the scriptures. And culture.

Take your kids to church.

Many disagree with this value. We need God, not church. We need spirituality, not church.

I’m a hawk eye for false dualisms. So when I hear those false choices (God or church and spirituality or church) my logical mind asks, “Why not both? Why not God and church? Why not spirituality and church?”

Old fashioned? Legalistic?

(Oh, and the bribe to get them donuts didn’t work.)

Should we take our kids to church if they don’t really want to go?