I just can’t stop laughing at this. It’s funny because I really don’t understand the whole plastic surgery and botox thing. Just not my thing, you know what I mean? I make no judgments here — to each his and her own — but I try to keep it real here at Paulosophia.

I’m a product of Orange County, California. Born and raised. And I spend lots of time in the Newport Beach section, where The OC reality was turned into a very popular television series. And this cartoon just says it all, with a Halloween twist. (And when I used to IMG_4938travel internationally, extensively, people would ask where I was from. Before the show I would say, “I live in California…Orange County.” Nobody would know where it was and so I’d say, “by Disneyland.” Then they’d get it. Once she show was out, people would say, “Really?! You live in ‘The OC?'” Then they’d go on and ask if the show was an accurate representation and I’d, bashfully, confess that it was.)

Or, perhaps it’s funny because beautiful men and women, in my mind, are those with style and class and personality — but people that that can also accept the absurdities of life. They can handle the juxtaposition of the quest for beauty, against the inevitability of wrinkles and sagging and imperfection.

Life is imperfect; imperfection is beauty.

Happy halloween!